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Prince Edward Island, lying in the Gulf of St. Lawrence between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, is the smallest Canadian province. Consisting of one main island and several smaller satellites, the landscape is decorated with lighthouses, red and white sand beaches, lush rolling hills, pastoral farmlands and ocean coves. As you might be able to tell, P.E.I. is much more than potatoes and Anne of Green Gables (though those are pretty important things, too). It’s gone from a tough place to find cannabis to one of the biggest consumer bases in the country!

Weed Delivery in Prince Edward Island

Cannabis Culture In Prince Edward Island

PEI, post-legalization, is now home to some of Canada’s most enthusiastic cannabis consumers in the country. It’s surprising, given that P.E.I. wouldn’t re-enact alcohol sales during the Prohibition Era until 1949, twenty years after the rest of the country. But attitudes changed around North America, and new generations of Islanders went to other provinces in search of dispensaries – or illicit suppliers. P.E.I. opened up its first medicinal marijuana dispensary in 2016, and now, people don’t have to go illegal to get recreational bud.

However, some communities may find their province underserved by physical dispensaries, and many are turning to mail-order marijuana (MOM) services like THC Collection. After all, upon legalization, only four storefronts offered recreational cannabis. Though the population isn’t large, many people may find it difficult to get what they want based on where they are. There’s a lot of people who want weed, too! According to Stats Canada, more than 25% of citizens in P.E.I. used cannabis in the last three months. The province is now home to licensed cultivators like Dosecann, Green Harvest Organics and Canada’s Island Garden. They wasted no time adding a unique Island spin to legalization!

Soak In The Amazing Culture Of Prince Edward Island

Before colonization and Confederation, P.E.I. was the home of the Mi’kmaq people, who called the island Epekwitk (meaning “lying in the water”). When French explorer Jacques Cartier spotted the island for the first time, he called the red sandy beaches and tall grasses “the fairest land ’tis possible to see!” He renamed the island Île Saint-Jean (the original inhabitants didn’t have a say). When the British occupied the land, they renamed it again for Queen Victoria’s father, Prince Edward – again with no input from the Indigenous population – and the name stuck.

For anyone living on the mainland, P.E.I. life is highlighted by the red sand and soil, an abundance of lighthouses, fertile farmland, and a certain novel written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. While there’s plenty of great culture surrounding this stuff, Islanders know that the province is much more complex!

Take Greenwich, in P.E.I. National Park, for instance. This spot is home to the province’s biggest dunes, a delicate ecosystem of white sand that is very rare in North America and well-protected here. An extensive trail system and a floating boardwalk let visitors explore some of the 900-acres of dunes at one’s own pace!

Of course, you can’t forget P.E.I.’s incredible cuisine. From delicious ice cream made entirely from local ingredients to the patios on Charlottetown’s Victoria Row, you’ll find something to satisfy the munchies. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, here’s what to know before you imbibe!

What To Know Before Buying Bud In P.E.I.

The minimum legal age to buy or possess cannabis on Prince Edward Island is 19. Smoking will not be allowed in most public places, though there are some exceptions for areas in multi-unit and communal living spaces. The Smoke-free Places Act restricts where a person may smoke any substance, also applies.

Cannabis consumption will be allowed on private property, including trailers, tents, guest and hotel rooms, and houseboats. Consumers can smoke in rentals and condominiums, but landlords can restrict cannabis use by lease or property agreements.

Because the provincial government is remaining restrictive in how to buy cannabis in person, most Islanders are turning to online retailers like THC Collection. We let you shop for a wide variety of recreational and therapeutic products from the comfort of your home: dried flower and pre-rolls, concentrates, resin, vapes, edibles, CBD pills, cannabis oils, and more. Once you pay for your purchase, the order is shipped directly to your home in discreet, safe packaging.

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