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One of Canada’s three maritime provinces, Nova Scotia is the country’s second-smallest province. Don’t let that fool you – this little province by the Atlantic Ocean is packed with natural beauty and historic adventures. It also has a healthy – and very enthusiastic – cannabis culture! Whether you’re travelling here or need some variety in the strains, vapes, edibles, and extracts you want to enjoy, THC Collection has Nova Scotia covered!

Weed Delivery in Nova Scotia

Cannabis Culture In Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians love their weed. According to Statistics Canada, people “consumed 27.1 grams of cannabis per person per year.” The province was ahead of B.C., Ontario, and every other part of Canada! As the stats show, visitors and citizens alike can bet that they will not be the only enthusiasts in the province and that consumption is accepted practice!

Of course, social courtesy calls for discretion, regardless of how much the province smokes as a whole. The laws around possessing and using cannabis in Nova Scotia reflect this desire to be careful. It’s why they’ve chosen the method of sales they have (more on that below) and why mail order services are essential. However, you’ll find that the recreational consumption of cannabis is a relatively relaxed characteristic of life by the sea!  Shop edibles, concentrates, extracts, hash oil, medical grade weed, CBD, indica, sativa, and hybrid flower. Get reliable mail order weed delivery to your door.

What To Do In Nova Scotia

In a country full of beauty and wonder, Nova Scotia has an enduring ability to charm everyone who comes through. It might help that the population likes weed as much as you do! Here’s what you should explore while in Canada’s Ocean Playground:

National Historic Sites: Nova Scotia has 87 National Historic Sites, reflecting its importance to the history and culture of Canada. With this number scattered across the province, you’re sure to be close to an interesting spot, no matter where you are! Some essential sites to check out include the Halifax Citadel, Old Town Lunenburg, Joggins Fossil Cliffs, and the Halifax Public Gardens. There’s nothing like taking an edible and travelling back hundreds – or millions – of years!

Cape Breton Island: Formerly known as île Royale to the French, Cape Breton Island on the northeastern end is one of North America’s most unique island destinations. Its cultural and historical roots go back thousands of years to the Mi’kmaq people; with the arrival of Acadian, Celtic and Gaelic settlers, the island is considered one of the first multicultural communities on the continent. 

Bay Of Fundy: The Bay of Fundy is a phenomenal natural wonder that needs no real introduction here – its tides are well-known all over the world! In Nova Scotia, you can raft on the tidal bore when the Bay of Fundy’s incoming tide meets the Shubenacadie River. It’s an incredibly unique experience! You’ll also find it one of the best places for whale watching in all of Canada. Some of the majestic creatures you’re most likely to see are Humpbacks, Minkes, and Finbacks. Because you’re never a stone’s throw away from a historic site here, check out the Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark.

Remember: according to provincial law, no one can consume cannabis at beaches, areas children frequent, sports venues, and public trails. Public consumption fines can cost up to $2,000.

What To Know Before Buying Cannabis In Nova Scotia

Despite the popularity of weed among the populace, Nova Scotia’s cannabis laws are not a free-for-all. The Nova Scotia Cannabis Control Act mirrors federal laws with only one big difference – recreational cannabis is sold in brick-and-mortar stores through the government liquor stores. Much like throughout Canada, there are harsh penalties for impaired driving. Driving while impaired is illegal and has severe consequences in the province, with cannabis infractions being the same as those for alcohol.

The laws do favour online sales. Cannabis displays and sales will be in special store-in-a-store sections designed to keep products obscured from public view. The liquor stores will have separate entrances and exits, and only customers 19 and older will be allowed inside with proof of age.

Smoking will not be allowed in most public places. A major public campaign, called Nova Scotia Smoke-Free Places, was made in preparation for the legalization. It requires all indoor workplaces, public places, and outdoor areas of restaurants, bars, lounges, and cabarets to be smoke-free, and was expanded to cover cannabis.

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