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Nunavut is Canada‘s newest, largest, northernmost and least densely populated territory. The population of around 39,000 people lives in an area of almost 2 million square kilometres, the fifth-largest country subdivision in the world. The Inuit way of life exists in a perfectly adapted balance with the environmental conditions of the various regions of the Arctic. Of course, this means growing cannabis isn’t a natural activity, nor is it a priority – those who enjoy it often turn to mail-order weed services like THC Collection!

Weed Delivery in Nunavut

Cannabis In Nunavut

Nunavummiut, the people inhabiting the territory, have the lowest per-capita cannabis consumption in the country. They also historically pay the highest costs per gram. Despite this, 75% of respondents to a government survey in the lead-up to legalization supported the act. The territorial government passed a Cannabis Act and Cannabis Statutes Amendment Act, letting it regulate the use, distribution, cultivation of cannabis, as well as the future requirements for opening cannabis stores and lounges. It also amends existing legislation restricting tobacco smoking to include cannabis. However, the territorial government didn’t have time to finish making plans for retail stores and suppliers before the federal government legalized cannabis in Canada. As with many other goods, people here rely on shipment and mail orders for cannabis. THC Collection is ready to offer a safe, high-quality mail order weed solution for customers in Nunavut!

Nunavut: A Land Full Of Culture

When you’re sprawling across 2 million square kilometres of land like Nunavut is, there’s going to be something unique to do! During the summer season of April to July, it is possible to watch icebergs moving down rivers while the ice around them melts. Wildlife watching is a particularly popular activity, and the territory is home to walrus, belugas, muskox, polar bears, and eleven bird sanctuaries for millions of birds. Whales can often be seen swimming mere metres from the ice, too!

If you’re a tourist looking for a unique experience, Nunavut is an excellent place for tourism. Tourism brings approximately $30 million to the economy each year, with one in five tourists arriving on cruise ships. The most popular destination for tourists was Qikiqtaaluk (known as Baffin Island in English), home to the capital, Iqaluit. Popular activities include dog sledding, snowmobiling, cultural festivals, hiking, sea kayaking, and watching wildlife.

The region’s often extreme conditions and remote location often necessitates a guide, even for experienced campers. Don’t get high and do something reckless!

What To Know Before Buying Bud In Nunavut

The legal age to buy or possess cannabis in Nunavut is 19. Smoking is allowed in limited places indoors and outdoors, the same places where tobacco smoking and vaping are permitted. People may partake in private residences as long as people in another dwelling cannot smell the odours.

Smoking is not allowed in common areas for apartments and condos. Consumption is permissible in rentals unless prohibited by lease or property agreements.

Consuming cannabis in public is not allowed in most restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools, child-care centers, sports facilities, or public places, and you cannot smoke within three meters (about 10 feet) of their entrances and exits. Consuming in public can be punished by fines ranging from $200 to $2,000.

Customers should note that, because of the remote location, orders to Nunavut through Canada Post’s Xpresspost service can take several days longer to reach the destination.

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