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Online Dispensary - Weed Delivery in London, Ontario

Online Dispensary Canada

Premium Quality Cannabis

We are an online premium cannabis dispensary, committed to bringing the best cannabis products to all customers and visitors to our website. We take pride in offering our patients/customers a wide variety of products. These products include industry leading flower, concentrates, hash, edibles, CBD, and medical specific products. THC Collection is here to provide you with top quality cannabis from top producers. Our products range from AA – AAAA grade. We offer various kinds of products that can help treat the symptoms of different health conditions. Questions about how to order cannabis online? Click below to learn more. Our online dispensary ships across Canada! THC Collection also offers reliable weed delivery in London, Ontario.

Why Choose Us?
We are determined to supplying our Canadian customers with the highest quality THC goods.
All goods we offer are picked from Canadian producers of top of the line organic THC.
Our Mission

We are committed to providing the highest quality THC products to our Canadian customers. We as an Online THC Dispensary believe deeply in the power of cannabis and it is our mission to share this belief with people that use what we sell.

Quality Cannabis

All products we sell are selected from top of the line organic THC Canadian producers. We only sell what we smoke! Browse our current quality cannabis flower collection and find exactly what you are looking for!

Fast Shipping

Spend over $150 and get free shipping across Canada! Start shopping at THC Collection and discover quality cannabis products. Questions about shipping? Learn more about our shipping process or contact us today. We also offer weed delivery in London, Ontario.

THC Collection
About Us

THC Collection is a Canadian Online Dispensary located in Ontario. At THC Collection we have a combined 50 years of experience in the Cannabis Industry. THC Collection has established professional relationships with the largest cannabis producers in Canada. As one of the leading MOMs (mail order marijuana) in Canada we take pride in offering our patients/customers a wide variety of products. These products include industry leading flower, concentrates, hash, edibles, CBD, and medical specific products. With offices in British Columbia and Ontario we are able to stay tuned with the latest industry innovations and provide our medical patients and recreational customers with top quality products at reasonable prices. 

Weed Delivery
London, Ontario

If you live in the London Ontario area, shop THC Collection for your next weed order! We have reliable delivery options for London, Ontario and mail order shipping for Canada. Find cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, CBD, hash, and more.

Online Dispensary & Weed Delivery FAQ

Get weed delivery to your door. THC Collection is an online dispensary that sells edibles, tinctures, bud, CBD, and much more!


shop weed delivery london ontario

mail order marijuana

order quick weed delivery online

Order cannabis delivery from THC Collection dispensary

get weed delivered in london, ontario

same day weed delivery to your door

Why Choose Us for Weed Delivery in London, Ontario?

THC Collection provides quick same day weed delivery in London, Ontario. Order cannabis, edibles, oils, tinctures, cbd, thc, extracts, and more. Shop now on our website! We deliver orders fast and safely to London, Ontario homes. THC Collection only carries top-quality flower. We also have budget ounces on sale! You can find weed buds from AA - AAAA quality. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains are in stock. Find different strains for unique flavours, scents, and medicinal effects. You will find popular strains in our online dispensary, shop your favourite weed strains online at THC Collection. For a range of factors, we distinguish our dispensary, among cannabis customers as a reputable weed dispensary in London, Ontario.

Do you provide weed delivery to London, Ontario?

Yes, we provide fast weed delivery across London, Ontario and nearby areas. THC Collection delivers premium craft cannabis, potent edibles, effective medical grade products, concentrates, and more. We will deliver your order as soon as possible. The estimated time of your delivery depends on the time and location of your order. Start shopping at our online dispensary now to get weed delivered to your door today.

How To Order Weed In London, Ontario

If you are 19 years or older, you can buy weed online in London, Ontario. To obtain cannabis legally, both medical and recreational marijuana users must follow the guidelines. Once a month, recreational marijuana users can purchase 30 g of dried marijuana. Medical cannabis users can have a prescription for a certain amount of dried weed per month. You can purchase weed online at our dispensary.

What Types Of Weed Products Can I Order In London, Ontario?

Shop AA-AAAA weed flower online. Order edibles, concentrates, hash, extracts, shatter, live resin, CBD, medical, buds, merch, and so much more! Purchase your favourite strains and earn reward points on every order. Gain points to get access to new exclusive weed deals on THC Collection. Spend over $150 and get free express shipping in Canada!

We provide exceptional customer service and are ready to answer any questions you may have by phone or email. Our entire team has extensive cannabis understanding and experience. We offer high-quality strains at a reasonable price. Indica and hybrid strains in dried flower and concentrates of the finest quality are available from us. Gain referral benefits and loyalty points for free weed when you shop online at our dispensary. Contact us if you have any questions about your order or delivery.

Order weed delivery london ontario on THC Collection online dispensary. THC Collection provides reliable, fast, and premium delivery services in London, Ontario and mail order weed shipping across Canada. THC Collection carries various kinds of cannabis strains. Indica, hybrid, and sativa flower. Big buds and top quality craft cannabis selection. Shop the best weed, edibles, and hash oil online at THC Collection.

THC Collection is London’s premier weed delivery service. Serving clients for years across the Forest City. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. View our reviews to learn more about customer experiences.

weed delivery london ontario

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At THC Collection we have a team of buyers that concentrate on finding products that we can offer our patients/customers at a low price. We have created a separate page with our bargains listed. Besides our bargains page we also offer daily deals and promotions. Please subscribe to our mail list to receive these daily deals

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