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Over the years, British Columbia has earned an international reputation for its more relaxed attitude towards cannabis use. The eminence comes from how they’ve seen weed as a medicinal product, as regulated use of medical cannabis has been legal in Vancouver since 2001 (and obviously remains in effect to this day). Even more famous is the quality of weed in the area, and today, this Canadian province is a popular destination for stoners from all over the country and world. THC Collection provides weed delivery to British Columbia (BC) through mail order. Questions about shipping or your weed order? Check out our FAQ section.

Weed Delivery in British Columbia

Cannabis Culture In British Columbia

In 2020, sales in B.C. were almost at 8,000 kilograms of THC – the equivalent of approximately 400 million joints! – and accounted for about $290 million in gross revenue. Citizens here especially love their dried cannabis: flower and pre-roll products accounted for approximately 84% of all cannabis sales by THC weight.

The best way for British Columbians to get cannabis is to purchase it online. Online dispensaries like THC Collection are quickly becoming the ideal spots for citizens and tourists alike to get legal weed: it’s quick, easy, convenient and discreet! Shopping online offers you benefits such as greater product variety, fresher flowers, a wide selection of edibles, no line-ups, delivery to your door and privacy of your purchases.

What To Do In British Columbia

B.C. is smack-dab in the middle of two of our nation’s most beautiful natural features: the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Coast. The scenic beauties and diverse cultures provide locals and tourists alike with endless activities, attractions and experiences at all times of the year. Speaking of the latter, it’s a popular destination for tourists and students, but you’re just as well to make it a place to call home! Of course, with a history like B.C.’s, you know there are places for weed connoisseurs to feel at home. A hotspot for Vancouver stoners is the New Amsterdam Cafe. Billed as “Canada’s First Cannabis-Friendly Cafe,” it’s an excellent coffee and a vapour lounge where you can chill. Just remember – you have to supply the weed!

Vancouver is one of the best places to cure the munchies, too. Robson Square is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to enjoy a toke; afterwards, walk on the Granville Strip or in the Gastown neighbourhood and some delicious food. The city has an ethnic and cultural heritage that’s rich and deep, meaning you can choose from Chinese, Italian Mexican, Japanese, and so many more cuisines when you’re feeling hungry.

Of course, Vancouver isn’t for everyone; if you like to move a bit slower, try Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Only a few hours away by ferry on Vancouver Island, you can experience a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean when crossing the Georgia Straight to get here. Keep an eye out for wild orcas! In Victoria, hit up Canada’s oldest Chinatown or seek out the Butchart Gardens (a National Historic Site). You’ll find the perfect spot here for a nice, relaxing high walk.

If the city life isn’t for you, B.C.’s a big place – bigger than France and Germany put together! Check out the granite spires of the Purcell Mountains in Bugaboo Provincial Park, take a 23-kilometre backcountry hike to see Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, or go salmon fishing in the Haida Gwaii archipelago.

What To Know Before Enjoying Weed In British Columbia

Under British Columbia‘s Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (CCLA), only adults 19 years of age or older may purchase, possess, and consume cannabis. It is the same minimum age for liquor in British Columbia. It’s important to know where and when you can enjoy your favourite strains. A person will not be allowed to consume in public where tobacco smoking and vaping are prohibited. These areas include:

  • on or in the vicinity of school property
  • health board property, except designated areas where other smoking is allowed
  • outdoors at parks or community recreation areas
  • sports facilities
  • spray or wading pools
  • deck, seating, or viewing areas

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