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Why Order Cannabis From A Dispensary?



THC Collection is a dispensary proud to serve customers in Ontario and across Canada. Why should you order cannabis from a dispensary? Here are five great reasons why you should get your weed off the menu of a Canadian-owned dispensary.

Local Dispensaries Help Local Economies

Now that weed is legal in Canada, weed shops have become mainstays in many small towns and neighbourhoods. Operating a dispensary is more than a lucrative business opportunity: it’s kept the cash flow from cannabis sales in local economies across Canada. Buying from a dispensary can help our local businesses thrive – and by extension, our communities!


You Can Get Great Advice 


The people behind the desk of a dispensary – sometimes known as budtenders – must have a strong knowledge of the use and efficacy of cannabis products and strains. They should know what strains would make a cannabis user sleepy, which ones are good for specific activities, and even make recommendations. 

If you’re a newbie or don’t have a lot of experience with recent strains (they’ve gotten a lot stronger since the ’70s and ’80s), go to a dispensary. They are a great resource when you want to select the right product for you. 


Dispensary Cannabis Is Grown To Strict Standards


At a dispensary, you’re not just getting whatever the manager could scrounge together; the legal growers supplying cannabis have to operate under strict conditions. They have to know everything about the plants they are growing because any discrepancies can hurt their business – or shut it down altogether.

It means running a growing operation according to environmental standards, too. Most illegal growers use pesticides and herbicides that can get into the plants and affect the environment around the growing area. Some of these chemicals end up in rivers and groundwater, harming the environment and humans alike. 


Cannabis From Dispensaries Is Safer


As mentioned in our previous point, all products sold at legal dispensaries must be grown under strict regulations. All weed or extracts must go through stringent, professional lab testing. It guarantees that the cannabis batch does not have contaminants, toxins, moulds, and other impurities before being shipped to stores. 

Cleaner cannabis consumption is better for you! The long-term health effects of putting chemical and biological toxins from non-regulated sources into your body aren’t well-known, but they can’t be good. 


You Have A Greater Selection – And More Information


When you purchase your cannabis from a local dispensary, you have a bigger, better selection at your disposal. There are more companies, more product types, strains you couldn’t otherwise get – the dispensary is a great place to find your standbys or try something new.

You’ll be able to choose a strain, extract, or edible with the right amount of THC and CBD for your needs. For those who use cannabis medicinally, having a legal selection to calm anxiety, ease pain, or stimulate appetite can be instrumental for feeling better!

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