5 Tips To Keep Weed Fresher For Longer


Cannabis is an organic material, meaning the environment around it is going to degrade its quality. When not kept in the proper container and under the right conditions, your pot can lose its potency and hit harshly. Here are five tips for keeping your weed fresher for longer!

Store In A Glass Jar With A Lid


WeedGlass jars are one of the best, most cost-effective options for storing your weed. These receptacles keep the cannabis in an artificial airlocked environment, keeping the temperature and humidity stable to prevent the growth of microbes or mould. Nothing can seep in, and nothing can seep out of the air. Jars that come with rubber washer-like seals are even better!

No matter what kind of glass jar you choose, it’s necessary to keep its interior dry and free from any moisture. Clear jars can sweat from within when exposed to air or water.


Make Sure Any Clear Containers Are Tinted 


When picking a container, choose dark or tinted containers over clear options. When you can reduce the exposure to light, it’s more likely that your dried buds will stay fresh. A lot of light exposure will dry out the terpenes present in cannabis; over time, your bud loses aroma. 


Vacuum Seal The Weed


Many weed enthusiasts keep up the integrity of their weed by using a vacuum sealer. Sealing marijuana in containers made of bisphenol-free plastic keeps your bud healthy and fresh for longer. It reduces the chances of any airborne contamination resulting from humidity. 

Some people think that exposure to polymer plastic will ruin your cannabis. Vacuum sealing might even damage the trichomes present in cannabis and reduce the potency of cannabinoids. 


Keep It In A Cool Environment


WeedThe terpenes, or aromatic oils and compounds, will determine your choice strains’ taste, smell, and even the colour of the buds! When these buds reach high temperatures, the leaves curl up, the hairs become yellow or brown, and the cannabinoids and terpenes break down. Cold conditions can also affect the weed, making the trichomes – the tiny hairs containing the terpenes and cannabinoids – brittle. Despite what you may hear, don’t put your buds in the freezer!

Not all weed is the same, though. Strains from Sativa plants are grown in – and thus are suited to – warm climates, whereas Indica strains are best suited for cooler weather. The best recommendation for either weed type is to keep it below 21 degrees Celsius to increase the shelf life.


Keep It In A Specially-Designed Humidor


Our last tip takes you to the world of cigars: if you want a simple, complication-free way to keep your weed fresh, you can buy a humidor. These boxes, specifically designed for weed enthusiasts, are great for storing your cannabis and all your accessories. Humidors are airtight, maintaining the humidity at the ideal conditions of between 59 – 63%. 

However you decide to store your weed, it’s best to keep all your strains in separate containers. Different weed types have their own characteristics; mixing them is not the greatest idea. Store your weed individually to enjoy each one’s unique qualities!


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