Benefits Of Sativa Cannabis Strains


THC Collection has many types of cannabis, all with unique aromas, tastes, and effects. Getting the best experience for you means selecting the right kind of bud for your needs. What advantages can you get by choosing one labelled “Sativa”? Here are five benefits of Sativa cannabis strains you can expect!

Sativa Strains Are More Energizing


sativaLet’s start by breaking down cannabis, as many of the benefits from Sativa come from what its THC does to the mind and body compared to other strain types.

You’ll find three general groups of cannabis on store shelves: Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids. Hybrids are combinations of Sativa and Indica plants, and you’ll often find that there are strains that are Sativa or Indica-dominant. Though there can be some overlap, most people will choose a strict Sativa or Indica because they prefer the effects of one over the other.

Sativas have a reputation for having a more energizing and heady high, while Indicas impart a full-body high that keeps the user locked in place. One of the chief reasons people choose Sativa weed is that these strains tend not to create sleepy feelings, and you’re less likely to feel the urge to sleep with your high. Most Sativas are great for before you go out running!


Sativa Cannabis Can Motivate You


One of the reported effects of smoking Sativa or ingesting edibles made from its oil is feeling active. Sativas may get you on your feet, giving you the energy to work out and the motivation to do so, too!

Many people find cannabis of all kinds gets them feeling paranoid. Sativa manages to motivate some people because of the paranoid side effects that can come with it; if you get a little antsy when enjoying cannabis, Sativa can help you channel these feelings into distracting activities.


Sativas Are Known To Fuel Creativity


sativaMany people turn to Sativa strains for bursts of creativity and thinking outside the box. It comes down to the difference in the high: Indica strains are associated with body highs, while Sativas are known for the headier highs. So when you want to do something expressive – it could be writing, painting, sculpting, or any other artistic activity – Sativas may be more beneficial to your process.


Sativas May Relieve Anxiety


Though most cannabis strains have been reported to provide some anxiety relief, Sativa strains are noted as especially helpful. One way it works goes back to how they energize the mind: because the mind stays active, exercise and the urge to move are good ways of keeping anxiety at bay. Combined with the uplifting and euphoric effects, Sativa strains can have powerful anti-anxiety properties for many users! 

It can also relieve social anxiety. Many people find themselves in circumstances where socializing becomes unbearable, and the fear of specific social situations can affect mental health. While cannabis doesn’t cure everything, the stimulating effects of Sativas may help people feel more relaxed around others!


Sativas Are Great For Social Settings 


Our last benefit ties in with the previous one: if you want a strain that everyone can enjoy, choose a Sativa! When the time comes when we can share some weed with a bigger group of people again, you’ll find Sativa cannabis strains can lighten the mood and make it easier for people to interact with one another. Whether you’re watching a movie as a group, playing video games, or hanging around outdoors, Sativas can enhance the fun!

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