What’s The Best Lighting Device For Smoking Weed?


Weed smokers know the power of BIC. These lighters use butane fuel, making them cheap, easy to find, and simple to use. However, many believe that these lighters add harmful gases to buds; besides, they’re made from non-biodegradable plastic, and you can’t refill them!

If you’re looking for a better alternative, here are four of the best lighting devices for smoking buds or extracts – and one you should only use when nothing else is available.


Hemp Wicks


Hemp wicks are twine made from hemp with a beeswax coating. Once lit, they keep on burning, allowing you and your friends to keep it going throughout the session. They are easy to use: light one end of the wick, then tilt it up or down to control how quickly the wick burns.

When using a hemp wick, you shouldn’t get much flavour from it; instead, you’ll taste only the high-quality bud you’re smoking. Many people see hemp wicks as a healthier, more organic way of lighting their weed and will turn to them to avoid inhaling the butane of conventional lighters. 

Hemp wicks are also easy to keep on you. Many users carry their wicks wrapped around the base of their lighter, using the spark to ignite the wick when it’s time to have some fun!


Flame-Free Or Plasma Lighters


Flame-free lighters – also called plasma lighters – are newer to the weed scene. But because they use an electric current and are wind-proof, they’ve become a necessity for many users. Flame-free lighters are rechargeable, too!

Some flame-free lighters use plasma coils called arcs that can reach a high temperature to combust the tip of a joint or a weed-filled pipe. Another type, the Tesla Coil lighter, creates a spark from two charge points that make the heat for lighting up.


Butane Torch


Most lighters aren’t good enough for certain cannabis products. If you’re going to be dabbing oil, wax, resin, shatter, or any other kind of extract, you have to get a butane torch. Torches are an essential part of any dab setup, as they create a large flame that can get the dab nail hot enough to vaporize the extract, creating a smooth experience.

There are many advantages to butane torches, including how heavy-duty they are. However, this amount of firepower isn’t required for smoking joints or bowls – only when you have a dab rig does it become necessary.


The Zippo Lighter


lightZippo lighters are a classic for weed smokers, and it’s not just the cool effect of lighting it: the strength of the flame coming out of these babies gives a lot of support. These lighting devices are a relatively inexpensive investment, and because you can find them in an endless array of colours and designs, users can find the one that suits their style and personality – or weed consumption preferences!

Zippo lighters are refillable, but you must use Zippo-brand lighter fluid to refill the chamber. As more weed consumers think about the source of their flame, they’re turning to cleaner sources like flame-free lighters and hemp wicks. But when you’re looking to impress, you just can’t beat the satisfying click of the Zippo.


What Shouldn’t I Use?


If you care about the flavour of your weed, avoid using matches. Not only are matches incredibly inefficient, but because match heads contain sulphur, using this to light your weed can ruin the taste. If it’s your only lighter option, let the match burn a few seconds before putting the flame up to your joint or bowl.

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