Weed Strain Information: Chemdawg #4

Chemdawg #4 is a legendary cannabis strain in the fine tradition of the prestigious Chemdawg family. Unlike the other members of Chemdawg, though, #4 is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. Its uniqueness has made it a fan favourite among recreational and medicinal users!

What Does Chemdawg #4 Look Like?


ChemdawgBeing an Indica dominant hybrid, Chemdawg #4 has dense, light green buds that are incredibly dense along with large calyxes. It often appears to have a good coating of crystals covering the buds, and while it’s not covered with a lot of hairs, you will see dark red ones at the top of the buds. 

Despite the Indica in its roots, Chemdawg #4 grows to be a fairly tall plant! When grown outside, it can top 7 feet, but indoors, it usually reaches about 4 to 5 feet. It has a flowering time of between 9 and 10 weeks. With a high THC content, experienced growers who want a challenge and some potent results, Chemdawg #4 is a worthy test of their skills!


What Is The Aroma & Taste Profile Of Chemdawg #4?


While Chemdawg #4 is well-regarded for creating some fine strains – including OG Kush, Auto Oil, Sour Diesel and Stardawg – the smell sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd. It is strong with the complexities of heavy kerosene mixed with citrus, followed by something quite similar to skunky pine. 

When smoking the strain, you will come to realize that it has a lemon, kerosene taste with pine undertones. While inhaling, you’ll get the taste of exotic perfume. 


What’s The High From Chemdawg #4 Like?


ChemdawgThe THC content of Chemdawg #4 is at 23%. The strain provides a nice high – you’ll quickly notice that it’s a heavy hitter. It’s well-known for delivering a balance of cerebral invigoration and relaxed full-body effects. The effects can last a long time, giving users a feeling of relaxed euphoria that can help them feel content and uplifted. 

Others may find themselves in a serious state of couch-lock! As such, it’s not to be smoked when you have something important to do – use Chemdawg #4 for relaxing on a day off or at night before watching a good flick. 

It is an ideal choice for medicinal users who need cannabis to relieve pains, aches, glaucoma, anxiety, and stress. Appetite stimulation resulting from consumption can help those who need to eat, and it can be useful in combating nausea. Chemdawg #4 is a suitable choice for those suffering from the side effects of cancer treatments. 

It’s also been known to help with treating Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


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