Top 5 Kinds Of Hash and Hash Oil


Hash is an extract that uses trichomes, the ripe gland heads that line the surface of cannabis plants. These resinous bits are collected and compressed together, and the final product contains a high amount of the active ingredient delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Your experience with hash should be pure and potent!

Users can use hash and hash oil in many different ways – they can smoke, vaporize, ingest, or even rub it on their skin! For new users, what are the top five kinds of hash and hash oil for which to look?

Afghan Hash


The best kinds of hash come from Afghanistan between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border. Afghan hash (or hashish) is a tradition, using small, bushy Indica plants from the short and stubby Kush plant. Once the producers have harvested their trichomes, they press them by hand with a small quantity of tea or water and work on the material until they have a highly elastic and aromatic hash. There are no shortcuts and no laziness when putting this product together – just centuries of tradition! 

Our Black and Gold Seal Afghan Hash is the old-school stuff, the hash that gave this extract its incredible reputation. This hash is sweet, spicy, and very potent – make sure to give it time to work its magic before diving in for more!


Ice Water Hash


Ice water hash is a cannabis concentrate made by sifting the trichomes in the presence of cold water and ice cubes. It uses a device known as an Ice-O-Lator to combine cold temperatures and movement to remove the trichomes from the plant matter. Also known as bubble hash or wet sift, ice water hash is best as a dab, but you can also sprinkle it on your dried bud to add potency.

One kind we carry is Kashmir Hash. You know the Kashmir region from our previous point; this hash came from a producer who brought his Ice-O-Lator from the Netherlands to Kashmir. He started producing ice hash from some of the finest high-altitude cannabis plants in the region using water from the Himalayas.


Black Hash


Black hash is what most people think of when they think of this extract. It’s dark-brown and shiny from heavily pressing the trichomes, and this hash is slightly sticky, letting the user form it between their fingers. We carry an incredible BC Black Hash that, like most hash products, has a strong THC content of over 40%. The flavour is strong and tasty, one you’ll find right at home in a pipe, sprinkled on a joint, or – if you want to do it old school style – with hot knives! 

Hot knives or “spots” is a classic way to enjoy this hash. The user heats two knives (though it could be any flat, metal object of a similar shape) to the point that they start glowing red. They then place a bit of the hash onto one of the knives, sandwich the extract with the other knife, then place a vessel over the cannabis. The user inhales the smoke through the open end of the vessel!

You can expect BC Black Hash to build up to an incredible high that affects your whole body. Many people turn to it for relief from chronic aches and pains, but it can be a stimulating experience that instigates creativity, too!


Blonde Hash


We’ve mentioned two hash hotspots already – Afghanistan and B.C. – so naturally, we’ll find ourselves in a veritable weed paradise: the Netherlands (or Holland). Beer isn’t the only premium blonde coming out of Amsterdam anymore – a blonde hash called God’s Gift is perfect, giving off a unique sweet aroma and an intense high. But what is a blonde hash?

Blonde hash comes from heat-pressing kief, the sticky crystals covering cannabis flower (also called dry sift or pollen). It’s known for its light golden brown colour, but many users love the aroma packed with spiciness and earthy tones. The consistency is very soft, allowing the user to knead it with ease. God’s Gift is a highly potent blonde hash, imparting a high both physical and cerebral. It’s an ideal choice for experienced users!


Hash Oil


Hash oil is a concentrated cannabis extract made from cannabis resin mixed with a solvent that is then heated and pressurized to release the oil. The result is a thick, potent liquid, one you’ll sometimes see under names like butane hash oil (BHO), honey oil, or weed oil.  

The Pharmacon Cherry Oil you’ll find at THC Collection is a hash oil filtered through charcoal to remove most of the chlorophyll from the plant material. The result is a clear, red-hued oil packing a THC-heavy punch – you can get between 65-75% THC! Dab it or add it to your joint to add some flavour!


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