What Are The Best Strains For Getting Better Sleep?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Cannabis is a popular remedy for stress-induced sleep loss, insomnia, and other issues keeping you up at night, and for an excellent reason: it’s a natural remedy!

When choosing the top five strains for getting a night of better sleep, we stuck with Indicas and Indica-dominant hybrids. With high amounts of THC, this family of weed is the best choice for getting a good night’s rest. If high levels of THC don’t cause unwanted issues like anxiety in you, a light dose of a THC-dominant Indica will have the most effective sedating outcomes!

God’s Gift

God’s Gift is a gift for those with insomnia; it has an unbelievable THC level (27%!), making this Indica-dominant strain the ideal choice for relieving the stress that’s keeping you up at night. God’s Gift is a cross between two favourites, Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, and the lemony after-tones will help elevate your mood, even as you sink into sleep. 

The common side effects include a dreamy, peaceful daze. A few hits of this strain are more than enough to help you sleep through the entire night.


Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a medicinal strain bred in Northern California as a clone-only Indica-dominant strain. The THC levels in it range between 18 and 24% – as such, we recommend this sedative strain as a nighttime smoke for those kept up by their insomnia. Some other common uses for Black Diamond include alleviating pain, muscle spasms, nausea and anxiety. 

Don’t doubt the relaxation of the smell and taste, either – Black Diamond has an earthy, musky aroma that many users report reminding them of red wine!


Kosher Kush

best strains for sleepA racing, active mind is a regular occurrence for those with anxiety and depression, and Kosher Kush is a strain that can help calm it down. It has a strong aroma, one that allows smokers to achieve complete body relaxation stress relief. Kosher Kush allows your body to transcend into a state of serenity, and you’ll find your mind drained of all its worries. Many smokers have reported having a more peaceful sleep after smoking Kosher Kush! 

We recommend practicing a little extra caution when using this strain; high amounts of Kosher Kush can cause blurred vision and lack of clarity.


Purple People Eater

Purple People Eater‘s terpene profile gives this strain a sweet, spicy, fruity grape flavour with a berry exhale. It’s the THC in this Indica-dominant hybrid that creates an uplifting, cerebral euphoria that fills the mind and relaxes the body. These effects combine with a sleepy, sedative overtone that will have you dozing off. It’s a favourite among those looking to treat insomnia or depression.


Cali Big Bud

Cali Big Bud makes our list because it truly is an ideal nighttime choice; however, the effects are very potent, and if you’re new to cannabis, it can leave you feeling thunderstruck. However, if you’re ready to leap into it, you’ll enjoy Cali Big Bud’s cerebral effects – make sure to use it at the end of the day, as it can make you forgetful! 

Note that the high will slowly creep through your body, creating a tingly sensation from head to toe. Many users enjoy the flavour and aroma, and this is one of the rare Indica-dominant hybrid strains that are both smooth and sweet.

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