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How To Consume Cannabis Oil

The use of CBD oil has exploded in the past few years since marijuana became legal in Canada. Cannabis oil is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates around, but you may not be getting the most out of it. For first-time users, here’s a quick guide on the best ways to take advantage of your cannabis oil.



An incredibly popular and mess-free way to experience the benefits of your cannabis oil is to consume it a few drops under the tongue. The soft tissue under the tongue is super efficient when it comes to absorbing chemicals into the bloodstream – and it metabolizes differently than by the stomach.

Oral consumption is quick and convenient. The silky texture and earthy aroma makes it a pretty pleasant experience, too. To prolong its freshness, store your oil in the fridge with the cap securely screwed on.


In Edibles


Sipping the oil straight from a dropper is one way, but not everyone enjoys it. If you aren’t a fan of the taste, why not mask it in a mouthwatering cookie or pastry? Cannabinoids bind to the naturally occurring fat of ingredients like butter and nuts very well, so be as indulgent as you like!

While “magic brownies” are an infamous part of frat party culture, edibles don’t necessarily need to contain THC, and they aren’t limited to desserts. Try blending up a tropical smoothie with CBD and mango, whose similar compounds compliment each other chemically and flavourfully.


In Tea


Herbal tea is already a thing – so why not invite your favourite magic herb to join the party? CBD tea bags are available at some dispensaries, and the flavourful blends range from aromatic matcha green tea to sweet and floral peach ginger tea and beyond. The hot water and steam promote relaxation

You can also make your own CBD tea at home! Oil floats on the surface of water, so don’t be alarmed by the presence of a few bubbles. Grab your favourite mug, turn the kettle on, and add a few drops of CBD oil along with your tea blend to make the bitter cold of a winter’s night disappear.

Cannabis oil is an excellent option for those curious about the effects but who may be wary of inhaling it. While it takes a bit longer to feel the effects of oral consumption compared to smoking, there are a number of safe, subtle, and scrumptious ways of taking CBD oil just waiting for you to discover them.

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