5 Kinds Of Marijuana Concentrates

The marijuana market has never been more diverse. Concentrates are a popular way to enjoy highs and experience medicinal properties, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The variation offers a variety for consumers looking to try something new and exciting while staying in familiar territory. Below are some of our favourite concentrates available right now.



A classic, crowd-pleasing concentrate, shatter is so named for the crispy, glassy state it takes on. When dabbed (smoked with a specialized rig that superheats the concentrate), you will feel its extremely high concentration immediately and for a long time. However, consuming it as a snack or without heat will do nothing for you.




A diverse concentrate that can be vaped and smoked as well as applied topically or consumed, hash oil contains many of the natural resins and terpenes of cannabis. It can be distilled in a number of ways and therefore can take on one of several states of matter. In its sticky, solid state, it is known as wax; when distilled without additional solvents, it becomes hash rosin. Hash by any other name tastes just as sweet!


Live Resin


So called because of the vivid scent of its ingredients, live resin is a full spectrum concentrate made from freshly grown marijuana. This concentrate retains the freshness of the plant’s compounds through a flash-freezing process, followed by an intense extraction process. Live resin concentrates can be either dabbed or added to a bowl.




The spelling is important here – do not mistake this concentrate for cannabutter! This waxy concentrate is extremely potent. Like its namesake, it must undergo a vigorous whipping process to achieve its unique creamy consistency. It falls into a higher price range for this reason, but its flavourful highs and potential as an ingredient in edibles are unparalleled.




Arguably the most popular concentrate on the market, CBD oil is used to bring the body to homeostasis, the internal state of perfect balance, with just a few drops administered sublingually. With its distinct earthy aroma, CBD oil is famous for its peace-promoting properties – no psychoactive effects, just relaxation.

As with all marijuana products, experiment carefully with these concentrates and start with slow doses to see how they affect you. Marijuana is more than just a plant; it’s an experience. Make it a good one!

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