Do Humidors Work For Storing Weed?


Much of how we enjoy weed comes down to the taste and aroma. Because they have a high surface area, cannabis buds readily absorb smells from the environment. It’s why most humidors made for cigars are not good for long-term cannabis storage. In fact, most of the humidors you’ll find available can actively ruin your weed!

Can I Use A Cigar Humidor?


Cigar humidors are a tempting option: they’re cheap, widely available, and look awesome. Unfortunately, tobacco humidors are unsuitable for proper weed storage, as the wood used to make them is cedar. Cedarwood contains a high amount of volatile oils, and these will impart an unwanted flavour to the weed if it’s stored long enough inside.

While tobacco benefits from these flavour complexities, weed does not improve in these conditions. If you want to store your favourite strains for long periods and want to preserve their flavour profiles, keep them out of a cedar cigar humidor. 

Mahogany humidors can be okay, as it doesn’t impart unpleasant flavours to the stored bud; it also has very good porousness and humidity retention characteristics.


Use A Specific Humidor Made For Weed


You can purchase cannabis humidors to sort and store your weed. When you find one made by a professional, a humidor for your weed can create ideal storage conditions. Many boxes include features like rolling trays and airtight vacuum seals to add convenience and maintain a proper environment.

One reason why these are desirable is that they can keep the weed at an exact relative humidity. It ensures that your cannabis stays fresh and produces a smooth smoking experience. Many of these humidors can also hold the jars in which you keep your weed, helping you keep them out of the sunlight. 


What Else Works For Storing My Weed?


If you don’t want to spring for a special humidor, you don’t need one for weed storage. So long as you keep the cannabis in a dark environment and at the proper temperature and humidity, you can store your bud in ordinary Mason jars or airtight glass containers.

The ideal storage conditions for weed are at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of between 55 and 65%. Any higher on both counts, and you won’t have the right the best conditions for preserving the THC or terpenes – just for the growth of mould and mildew.

The drawback to clear jars is that they let in UV rays; when left to sit in the sun, ultraviolet radiation can degrade the terpenes and cannabinoids of weed. You can find jars in colours that filter out these rays (often brown; it’s why most beer comes in brown bottles!), but if you keep your clear jar in a pantry, drawer, or box, you should be fine.

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