Live Resin – The Ins and Outs of Fresh Frozen Extracts

Live Resin is the hottest new product sweeping the dabbing scene. It’s a form of Butane Hash Oil (or BHO for short), but differs in that instead of starting with dried, cured buds, the extractor use fresh frozen plants in order to preserve the resin as much as possible. The cannabis plants are frozen directly after harvest and extracted in a sub-zero environment. The resulting concentrate is of exceptional purity, and has unparalleled flavour and potency.

Watch Live Resin being made:

Processing fresh frozen plants preserves the delicate terpene profiles found in live plants that are otherwise quickly deteriorated if extracted by traditional means. The effect you get when dabbing Live Resin has more in common with the original strain of flower than regular shatter. Depending on the strain you choose to extract from, live resin can take on many physical forms: from shatter to sap to sugarwax to dry crumbly budder, you won’t expect the same product strain-to-strain and there’s just as much variety in the effects you’ll get dabbing each. One things for sure, the hit Live Resin gives you will knock your socks off.
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