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Icecream by @thc.collection.canada 
60/40 Indica dominant hybrid
24-26% THC

Fantastic flavor profile, i wouldnt say icecream but i can see and compare it to vanilla.

Balanced effects, starts you off feeling real low and sleepy and becomes more sativa like after a while.

Smells dank. Skunky or almost like a haze.

As described it left my mouth extremely dry.

Would say its best used as something to smoke on while relaxing but having to be social at the same time


First time trying #moonrocks 👽

These are @thc.collection.canadaAAAA+ quality flower.

Drizzled with 95% THC distillate and finally rolled in kief.

my first impression is that the distillate makes it burn super slow in a bong cone , it also holds its integrity and freshness even half way through a bowl, also it seems to add a great flavor and smell to the already tasteful flower.

The kief is of great quality and what falls off during preparation can easily be pressed into finger hash and added ontop.

I expected moonrocks to be more sticky/gooey . Let me know if there are other ways to enjoy this exotic niche kind of product other than bong bowls.

I would personally give this a 4/5 for my first experience. It is something different from the norm, exotic.

A little expensive to be a daily driver.
Excellent for special occasions or to show off something new and exciting.

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