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South American Magic Mushrooms (Cubensis)


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South American Magic Mushroom is a balanced strain bred thought to have originated from Venezuela. The laid-back feeling of South American magic mushrooms makes you feel like you’re at a mesmerizing tropical beach or in the midst of an enchanting tropical forest. They deliver a duality of head and body effects that lift the mood while relaxing muscles. You’ll be lulled into a feeling of pure euphoria while your body floats listlessly on clouds. The South American is known for its average potency and is a great strain for beginners and veterans alike. Amongst the shrooms cultivators, this strain is known to be a prolific fruiter and a fast colonizer. Some traits that set apart the South American Magic Mushrooms is that they grow very quickly and densely and they are often found in the wild in clusters. This strain has been a favorite amongst many psychonauts and mycologists for many years. It is known as an all-around great performer.


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