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$80/oz!! Star Master (AAA)


Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 17% – 24%

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Star Master Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a heavy four-way cross of the potent Sensi Star X Medicine Man X Master Kush X Platinum Kush strains. With powerful parents like these, its no wonder Star Master Kush has a hefty THC level of 17-24% and mind numbing stoney effects that can leave you dazed for hours. Star Master Kush is definitely a creeper, hitting you first with a misleading energetic euphoria that fills you with happy thoughts and gently hides any racing thoughts or mental pains. This energy quickly takes a sharp turn, turning you introspective and hazy before smashing into you with a hard-hitting stone. As you lose yourself to your own mind, your body will fall into a slightly sedated state, relaxing completely and falling into what can only be described as a mental state of couch lock. Many users do fall asleep at this point, making Star Master Kush a great choice if you have nightmares or issues hitting the hay. It’s also a great choice for treating depression or mood swings as well as chronic anxiety or stress. This bud has a sweet fruity skunk flavor with a spicy citrus exhale that’s deliciously smooth. The smell takes on a pungent skunky effect with a sweet herbal earthiness to it that enhances the rot. Star Master Kush buds have large grape-shaped dark nugs with light patches and long twisty orange hairs coated in vibrantly white trichomes.

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